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Environmental science is a branch of biology based on the study of relationships between living creatures and the environment. It focuses on the study of the natural world and how living organism gets affected by the changes in the environment. Many factors affect the natural environment, and those changes in the environment can affect the life of the organisms. The environmental science courses and degrees reflect on the changes in the environment and define a connection between the organisms and nature.

Best Environmental Science Courses & Degrees

1. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment: Real Case Study (Rating 4.6)

The course will help you to conduct environmental assessments of commercial properties. It will be easy to identify regulatory suspects from the database search results. Creating historical timelines of property development can be difficult. This course makes it easy for you.  You will analyze aerial photographs to detect past changes in the landscape. This course will lead you to incorporate fire insurance maps and the city directories to help you with the suspected activities.

Carry out a site visit and make observations of property conditions. The determinations of recognized environmental conditions will be based on topographic gradient and relative distance. The course is perfect for people that are passionate about learning more about the environment. It revolves around the procedure that is carried out to save the environment from harmful conditions like global warming. If you are concerned about the environment and want to protect it, this course is for you.  Gain environmental information and data for the Phase 1 ESA. You will be allowed to analyze aerial images that will help you to detect any historical 

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2. Overview of environmental issues (Rating 4.2)

The course is perfect for refreshers, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to study this course. There are many environmental issues, such as contamination, water shortage, water contamination, and other issues. The course will be a comprehensive review of the dairy industry’s role and why it is responsible for climate change and air quality. The course will unveil the potential of mitigation through improved production efficiency.

You will learn the causes of environmental issues and Human overpopulation. Learn about Hydrology, Intensive farming, Land use, Nanotechnology, and Nuclear matters. You will review the articles and the summary of the current state of understanding of the research topic. You will also analyze the research that has been previously published by scientists and academicians. Learn about various environmental issues and how all the environmental problems are connected.

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3. ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system (Rating 4.2)

The course will help you to understand the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. You will also learn how to implement an Environmental Management System that is according to ISO 14001:2015. Along with other students, you will take part in environmental audits as per ISO 14001:2015. The instructors will also teach you to upgrade from ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 14001:2015. When the course is almost complete, you will work as a consultant for environmental management. The course will let you master the world’s no.1 standard on ecological issues.

You will take part in the administration and improvement of the environment and will have a deep understanding of leadership, knowledge, and support. All the key elements of ISO 14001:2015 are discussed in detail and will help you to evaluate the environmental issues. It also deals with the assessment of consistency, archived data, activities to address dangers and openings. All of these factors are talked about in this course 

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4. Reducing Environmental Impacts with W.A.S.T.E. Walks (4.2 ratings)

In this course, we will discuss some methods and approaches to reduce and conserve environmental impacts. The W.A.S.T.E walk approach will help the employees learn simple ways to get rid of waste materials. It will help reduce costs and carbon emissions, which can save the environment. The course will explain what a WASTE walk is and will also explain the effectiveness of it. You will understand how the WASTE acronym helps to identify the environmental opportunities in an environment.

The students will also get the chance to conduct a WASTE walk using the 4 step process and conduct the procedure (Prepare, Event, Combine, and Decide). During the course, you will fill out the WASTE Walk Planning Worksheet and plan an event to practice.  You will also learn about three different event types and address environmental waste: Water Walk, Dumpster Dive, and Energy Walk. It is best if you prioritize employee ideas using the Impact Ease Matrix, and you will learn this skill while taking the course. In the end, you will select the top 3 ideas using techniques with a team.

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5. Current Environmental News and Endangered Animals (Ratings 4.0)

You will be surprised to know that there are many species in danger due to human beings. For many species, the time on earth is running out. The environment is in a significant impact due to inadequate methods, and humans cause most of them. In this course, we will determine which species are in threat and how some animals need our assistance and help. The course includes all the contents from reputable sources like CNN, BBC, the Guardian, National Geographic, World Wild Life(WWF), NYTimes, Animal Planet, Reuters, the Journal, Washington Post, CBS, ABC, UN, etc. The course is summarized straightforwardly. The course is for the students who want to keep up with “Current Science Issues” and will also be helpful for mothers who have kids and want to help them learn about every day “Science/Environmental Issues.  It will highlight all the essential points which will explain why it is essential to save the Wildlife. The environmental changes should be made keeping in mind a focus to save animals. The course has been created using popular books of Wild Life and has deep knowledge about the real-life incidents in the jungle. You will also get content from documentaries that have been created by going on the sites.

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How can these environmental science courses and certifications help in your career development?

Environmental science has emerged from the field of science and natural history. Environmental Science is also known as Environmental Engineering, and it will include tracks from social science and humanities. Many environmental organizations need help from various individuals who want to carry out voluntary work. Once you have completed the course, you need to gain some initial experience. If you are still in a University, investing your time in learning courses, you can participate in a particular club or organization. There must be a Wildlife trust in your local area, and you can benefit from there.

Environmental science is essential if you are concerned about animals or species or believe in saving their lives. The best thing is that you get a wide range of career offers here. If you are pursuing law, you can handle cases related to health impacts on air or water pollution. You can work to become an environmental lawyer, or you also have the option to become an environmental engineer. You can deal with the facilities and meet the applicable pollution standards. The other option is to become a zoologist and deal with different types of animals.

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