What is Druzy and Its Health Properties and How to Spot Fake One

Druzy, known as Druze, Drusie and Druse is used as a gemstone due to its sparkling nature.

Druzy is also known as Druze, Drusie, and Druse. It is used as a gemstone in jewelry due to its sparkling nature and wide array of colors. A set of tiny sparkling crystals of minerals constitute Druzy in different colors, shapes, forms, and size. It is found on the surface of sedimentary and igneous rocks. So, there may be different forms and colors of Druzy. In an apparent look, it seems like a piece made of sugar or candy. The tiny particles of stones sparkle and absorb light. It looks very beautiful when kept opposite to the light.

Formation of Druzy

Like many other stones used in jewelry, Druzy is also formed by nature. When the water takes part in the process of deposition, it brings minerals from the sedimentary rocks. The water evaporates gradually and the minerals are cooled down. These minerals form crystals in deposition state. Depending on the composition of different minerals, Druzy is formed in any color such as white, pink, green, purple, golden yellow or jet black, etc.

Mostly, you can find Druzy on the rocks near to the shoreline or riverbeds. Druzy is famous for its healing powers such as to reduce tension, to open the blocked energy and to purify the soul, etc.

Druzy Types

It comes in various types such as Quartz, uvarovite garnet, rainbow hematite, calcite, dioptase, vanadinite, turquoise, and many others. The most common form of Druzy is Quartz. Due to the excess of Silica in its surface, it comes with a mild surface in Quartz. However, in other forms, it is still a hard gem.

Druzy Size

This gemstone is available in different sizes. Since it is found in nature, it can be a very tiny or extremely larger piece of stone. However, due to its soft nature, the crystals are damaged easily.

Original Druzy in Jewelry

Druzy: Healing Power

This gemstone comes with magical healing power and a wide range of metaphysical properties. Here is the description of some of them.

  • It enhances the power of the natural defense system of the human body and gives strength to the spirit.
  • If you wear it for a longer time, it reduces the depression and the feelings of fear and dread.
  • The stone helps to relax you and reduces the stress level.
  • The people advise wearing the stone to avoid the physical and mental tiredness. It makes you energized again and you feel refreshed.
  • The healing properties of the stone make it worthwhile. It brings purification to the reproductive system and increases the blood circulation.
  • Some believers claim that it is used to treat infections.
  • Some others say that it is used to reduce the mental and emotional problems.
  • Remember, it is famous only due to its health properties. It is not associated with astrology and birth date stones. It is not even an anniversary stone.

How to Spot a Fake Druzy?

The people who believe in its magical healing properties often want to buy it. But due to less knowledge about Druzy, they often buy a fake one. Recently, it is available on the stores online, but the question is how to spot a fake Druzy?

  • When you see the natural Druzy against the light, it will show you some dark and light circles inside.
  • If you see the surface closely, you will notice the even distribution of crystals in the surface of a natural Druzy. It does not happen in an artificial Druzy. The artificial Druzy stone comes with uneven distribution, in other words, a bumpy distribution of crystals.
  • The color reflects the light and creates a shiny effect evenly on the surface of the natural Druzy. But in a fake Druzy, you will see some particles reflect shine and some are dull. It is not very much lustrous.
  • When you turn the Druzy and observe the edges, it seems a bit thicker and weighty. But the artificial Druzy is lightweight and does not seem thicker from edges. It is even from all sides and gives a smooth feeling. Since the natural Druzy is a part of nature and originated in rocks, it has a bit rough surface.
  • If you are purchasing it from the market and you are physically present there, you need to touch the stone surface. The surface of real Druzy will give you a velvety feeling and soft touch. But when you touch a fake Druzy, it seems like marble or hard feeling. If it is hard in touch, it is a dyed stone, not the real Druzy.

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