Quartz Types, Composition and Forms

Quartz is used in clocks and watches due to its ability known as piezoelectricity. Due to this ability, it regulates the movement of watch or clock.

Quartz is considered the second most common mineral found on the crust of the Earth after Feldspar. It is found in all igneous, sedimentary and acid rocks. This essential mineral has high resistance against weather changes. It works as a cementing agent in sedimentary rocks to keep its components jointly.

Composition of Quartz

It is composed of silica and oxygen. Mostly, it is used in watches. So, we can say that daily billions of people around the globe use it as it is used in watches and clocks. The reason for using it in clocks and watches is that, if we put its crystals along with particular ceramics under mechanical pressure, it generates electricity. So, it can convert to mechanical stress into voltage and vice versa. This ability of Quartz is called piezoelectricity. This ability can maintain the regular movement of watch or clock. That’s why it is used in the clock industry widely.

Forms of Quartz

Generally, the existence of Quartz can be noticed in two forms: Alpha (low quartz) and Beta (High quartz). The Alpha can be resistant up to 573 degrees C whereas; Beta quartz can be resistant up to 573 degrees C. The trigonal structure of Alpha makes it to fall into a right or left handed symmetry group. Whereas; the hexagonal structure of Beta quartz make it fall into crystals group.

Quartz in the purest form is colorless and visibly transparent. But some impurities into Quartz can give it a color. That’s why it seems available in different colors besides its natural colorless form.

Different types of Quartz

Types of Quartz

There are different types of Quartz people using as gemstones. Following are these.


It is the most popular type of Quartz available in purple color. The purple color varies from light to dark purple and you can get this valuable gemstone in transparent deep purple color too. Before 1800, it was considered among the precious gemstones like Emerald and Ruby. But the discoveries of huge Amethyst quartz have made it a common gemstone.


Citrine Quartz is available in yellow, reddish-brown and orange colors. Commonly, the people call it Lemon Quartz due to its yellow lemon color. It changes the color from light to golden yellow on a very low temperature. When you heat it on a higher temperature, it is turned into brownish-red color.

Smoky Quartz

It is a transparent “brown” smoky range of Quartz that comes in a variety of brown color from light to dark brown. Historically, it was never considered a precious gemstone. It is only in the recent years that it gained popularity.

Rose Quartz

As the name suggests, it is in a very soft color i.e. rosy pink. However, it comes in a wide range of pink colors from very light pink to a medium rose pink color. It is not transparent, but a bit milky. That’s why you cannot see through it.

Rock Crystal Quartz

It is available in colorless and transparent condition. Rock Crystal is the purest form of Quartz that does not contain any impurities.

Milky Quartz

It is found very commonly in nature. The color of Milky Quartz is dull white i.e. milky. But it does not fall into the category of gemstones.

Rutilated Quartz

It is a colorless Quartz, but the hairlike fibers in golden yellow color can be seen in the gemstones. That’s why it is called Rutilated Quartz.

Ametrine Quartz

Ametrine comes in the combination of two colors: purple Amethyst dark yellow citrine. It is also transparent and highly resistant to heat.

Prasiolite Quartz

It is also known as Green Quartz. This gemstone is widely used by the people. Originally, it is present in nature in light green color. But the jewelers give it an artificial dark green color to fascinate the people too.

Blue Quartz

It is the rarest form of Quartz that is hardly used as a gemstone. Mostly, the Rock Crystal comes in light golden color with a touch of deep sky blue inside. Rarely, it comes with a dull-grayish blue touch.

Tourmalinated Quartz

It is also colorless like Rocky Crystal Quartz, but it includes Tourmaline in crystal form. Only a few thin crystals of Tourmaline can be seen when kept in bright light.

Cat’s Eye Quartz

It is dense and hairlike Rutiles can be seen inside of it. So, these Rutiles create the effects of a cat’s eye. It is also the rarest form of gemstone. It is available in grayish color and translucent in nature.


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