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Granite countertops are the most durable and always look elegant in kitchens.

Sometimes negligence in maintenance leaves scratches and dirty marks on granite which you try to compensate for with replacement.

Whether renovating your kitchen or replacing the worn-out slabs, you may wonder what to do with old granite countertops.

You can’t just start ripping out and throwing old counters but look for a way to reuse them safely. What could be the possible ways to reuse granite countertops when replacing cabinets?

There are multiple ways to repurpose old countertops, and you must get a professional’s help to prevent wasting granite.

What Can You Do With Old Granite Countertops

So, are you searching for ways to deal with old granite countertops? What about altering the old granite slabs into an innovative and versatile design for different home areas? Granite is well-known for its durability, which forces you to pay a handsome amount for its installation. But it won’t be beneficial to waste old countertops for remodeling the kitchen.

Try Reusing It Creatively


Creativity is great for bringing many new changes in old things. Here are some creative ways to introduce in your home with the help of old granite countertops:

  • You can convert old counters into tabletops due to their already rounded edges. It will take a few hours to modify the design.
  • Options for modifying granite into a wooden table or kitchen island are also available.
  • If a coffee table has sturdy legs, you can fix a granite slab over it to add beauty to your kitchen.
  • Damaged or scrapped pieces of granite are useful to make a fountain where stacks of granite are held in shape to give it a better look.
  • These stones can be used as pet memorials where old pieces of granite are treated with a sandblaster and other tools.

Donate Granite Countertops

It’s not easy to build something creative out of granite pieces; this task can prove tricky if you are not an expert. Therefore, donating old granite countertops is another safe option if it’s in reasonable condition. You can either give it to Habitat for Humanity charity or some other where homes for the needy are built with these donations. However, you can not donate every chunk of granite if it doesn’t meet the required criteria. It’d be better to recycle your granite in a good state before donation.

Sell Your Granite 


Selling old granite can help ease the stress of dealing with countertops that aren’t appealing to you anymore. But for selling, it must be in good shape, so DIYers, handypersons, or renovators can buy it for useful purposes. Several online marketplaces offer the facility to buy and sell old granite countertops.

Send It For Recycling

Recycling old granite countertops will help you get a better version without faults or flaws. Different recycling companies modify granite in various forms to make them useful for several purposes. You must also send your old stones for recycling before donating or selling them.

Possible Risks In Reusing Old Granite Countertops

During home renovation, your expenses increase, and if you spend on buying everything brand new, it will cost double. Most homeowners recommend reusing old countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. This is a very economical choice, but are there any limitations? Let’s find out.


Difficulty In Modifying Design 

Reusing old countertops won’t prove fruitful if you change the kitchen cabinets’ footprint. Introducing a new design will require extra material and some modifications, which might not be possible with previous counters. If there is plenty of extra material, there’s still the possibility of difficulty in making changes.

Irreparable Damage

Granite is quite popular due to its strength and appealing designs, but removing already installed countertops can get complicated. You will need special tools, extra care, and lots of experience during this process. So, you can’t just think of removing intact slabs of granite from counters because damage is possible even with great care. It can break, chip, or crack, making it more difficult to reuse for good purposes.

Not Easy to Carry


Granite is massively heavy to carry and transport, being durable and sturdy. Lifting the slabs and carrying them from one location to another will require extra assistance and support, while negligence can cause breaking or cracking. It’s not difficult to collect broken pieces of granite, but the job becomes nerve-wracking when you need to move the whole slab.

How to Repurpose Old Granite Countertops Under Safe Conditions

Under certain circumstances, reusing old granite countertops for multiple purposes proves feasible. Some of those conditions are:

Granite Countertop Transformation

    • If The Kitchen Cabites Have Similar Layout – If you are removing granite countertops from one kitchen and planning to reuse them in another kitchen, make sure the two have a similar cabinet layout. The length, width, and other dimensions should match to fit it perfectly without extra alterations.
  • If The Size Is Perfect to Fit – If you have removed the whole granite slab from the counter, it will fit perfectly in another place of the same size.
  • The Strength of Granite – Granite has multiple types, each with varying features. Some types are too fragile that you can’t reuse them for all purposes. In comparison, others are strong enough to reuse again without damage. They will last forever, and you can keep changing them without worrying.

Can You Reuse Granite Countertops When Replacing Cabinets

Generally, it gets hard to replace kitchen cabinets without removing old granite countertops due to the interlinked installation of counters before the cabinets. You can remove them, but no one can guarantee their safety from damage.

Can Stone Countertops Be Reused When Replacing Cabinets? – HGTV Remodels – House Counselor

Is it possible to replace cabinets without removing granite countertops? 

This situation depends on the type of countertops and their installation. If you have installed them by attaching them, it might not be possible to remove them separately.

The same goes for the kitchen sink, which you can detach from its position without the need to replace countertops. A mounted sink may require the removal of countertops, but you must detach an un-mounted sink without removing granite counters.

Are you wondering about keeping old cabinets when replacing granite countertops without damage? 

Yes, you can keep the old cabinets while replacing granite countertops over them. But there are many things you must consider, such as the kitchen layout, the method of installation, and different attachments along the way.

However, to remove them without any damage, start with removing everything off the countertops, cutting the interlinking lines or supply lines, detaching the sink from the counters, removing the countertops from their position, and lifting them from the cabinets.

How much time is required to replace kitchen cabinets? Usually, it takes two to three weeks to replace old kitchen cabinets.

How to Dispose of Old Countertops


The first obstruction you must resolve during kitchen remodeling is how to dispose of old granite countertops. Here is a step-by-step process to get everything done perfectly:

  • Start with moving things and devices lying on the countertops, emptying the drawers, and dusting all the areas.
  • Get your supplies, such as a wrench to cut the gas line supply and other connections. Remove the electricity supply and shut off water valves, sink and drain pipes to prevent leaks.
  • Detach the sink by unlinking drain lines, add a softener to remove debris and dirt build-up, and ask for anyone’s help when lifting it.
  • You might have used glue or caulk to seal your kitchen countertops. Now is the time to remove the caulk from the edges and other areas using a putty knife or any other sharp object.
  • Unscrew the bolts of the cabinets and first lift countertops safely to prevent damage, and then move the cabinets.
  • Get a dumpster to dispose of old countertops by hauling away debris and oversized stone chunks. You can also hire special services to dispose of granite and other stones professionally.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are now well aware of what to do with old granite countertops considering different conditions. Whether you deal with old granite by recycling, donating, or selling, make sure not to let go of any piece wasted.

If you want to keep old countertops, reuse them per your requirements by introducing some modifications.

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